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Environment and Infrastructure Committee

The key mandate of this committee is to:


  • Keep abreast and promote awareness of issues and City initiatives with respect to public green space, water, sewer and other infrastructure within or affecting our neighbourhood.  

  • Represent the interests of the neighbourhood with respect to these areas and make homeowners aware of information and other resources that may be helpful.


Contact TPRA if you have a concern or an immediate issue.

TPRA Development Committee

The TPRA restricts its involvement to issues that either:

  • have the potential to set a negative precedent for future development within the boundaries of the TPRA, or

  • development proposals that would negatively affect TPRA residents.


The TPRA will not take sides in disputes between neighbours unless they meet one of the two criteria noted above.  In the interest of fairness, The TPRA Development Committee will make the identical information available to all parties.

Contact TPRA if you have a concern or an immediate issue.

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