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The Proposed TPRA Traffic Management Plan

The Teddington Park Residents Association (TPRA) is proposing to commence working on a neighbourhood wide Traffic Management Plan (TMP). The purpose of a TMP is to identify traffic safely and calming measures that improve traffic safety and reduce the negative impacts of transient traffic through our neighbourhood (noise, congestion and air emissions). The other benefit of a neighbourhood wide TMP is that it will prevent multiple uncoordinated traffic calming measures from being applied is specific streets and intersections, which might have unintended negative impacts on other area of the TPRA. Before any traffic calming measures are included in a plan, the TMP would need to be approved by the majority of residents in our neighbourhood as well as Toronto Regional Council and the City of
Toronto Traffic Management Department.

The cover letter below provides an explanation of a TMP, outlines our rationale for proposing to work on one, and includes a description of the process we must follow to have the Toronto Traffic Management commence working on one. Also included is a Traffic Plan Petition. The City of Toronto requires that before a community traffic plan can be launched a petition must be signed a minimum of 25% of residents in the TPRA. By signing and submitting the petition you are not agreeing to any traffic calming measure. You are simply supporting the TPRA executive’s desire to commence working on one.

We encourage you to sign and submit the petition.

Dear TPRA Residents,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Teddington Park Residents Association (TPRA) is proposing to commence working on a neighbourhood wide Traffic Plan.

The reasons we think this would be beneficial are as follows:


  1. Our approach is start simply and have additional measures to the plan based on majority consensus over time after the initiation of the planning process is passed by council. Consequently, we are proposing to start by promoting a single consistent measure for traffic calming across all the streets within the TPRA. One measure that is typical of such traffic calming plans is the adoption of a 30 km/hr speed limit on all streets. This measure might also reduce general commuter traffic across the TPRA which is the source of congestion, noise, pollution and danger in our community. We think A 30 km limit should be generally agreeable to the majority of TPRA members and residents. However, we want to get resident’s comments on this approach during the distribution of the petition.

  2. GPS based traffic apps such as Waze, Google Maps and INRIX tend to direct traffic through residential streets when major arterial roads such as Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue are congested. Reducing the posted speed limits on TPRA streets could result in a reduction in such “transient traffic” within the TPRA.

  3. There have been two separately planned traffic calming measures within the TPRA in the last 6 months. Any traffic calming measure on one street or intersection can have undesirable impacts on traffic on other streets or intersections elsewhere. The adoption of a community-wide plan will ensure coordination of all measures to prevent negative impacts on adjacent streets.

  4. Both Lawrence Park RA and Leaside RA have proposed and approved similar traffic plans and there has been broad support for their plans.

In terms of the process for preparing a community-wide traffic plan, some of the steps the TPRA must take include the following:


  1. The City of Toronto requires that before a community traffic plan can be launched a petition must be signed a minimum of 25% neighbours. A copy of the petition is attached to this cover letter. This measure will ensure the proposed measures and impacts are communicated to residents and supported by residents before any plan is prepared. We are planning three steps to get the petition into the hands of all TPRA residents. The first step will be a door drop with this letter and the petition attached. The second step will be a TPRA public meeting to be held at Teddington Park Residence at 4 Teddington Park. This meeting is scheduled for March 7. You are invited to attend that meeting. We will discuss the plan and ask all residents put forward ideas and comment on potential traffic calming measures. We will be asking for signatures of support atv that meeting. Finally, we will be updating the TPRA website as progress on the Traffic Plan is made. 

  2. To formally launch a community wide traffic plan that ultimately will require city traffic department staff to do some technical work, the process requires Jaye Robinson (or her designate) to present a motion to Community Council and get it approved. Jaye will submit our petition to Transportation Services to ensure the petition meets the City’s requirements. The petition is required to be signed by the minimum 25% of TPRA are residents before that Community council meeting.

  3. We expect that during the process considering signing the petition and during the discussions in the public meeting a number of other traffic safety and calming measures will be suggested by TPRA residents. The traffic plan will provide a framework within which future traffic management measures can be assessed.

  4. After NYCC approves the petition it goes back to Traffic Services for prioritization with all other construction work in the area, as well as planning, budgeting and finally constructing the project. To put this in perspective it took Leaside RA about 14 months to get a new crosswalk built on a local road and that was considered fairly quick.

For additional information about how the City of Toronto manages traffic safety and traffic calming planning and management, please consult a document called the Traffic Calming Guide for Toronto brochure to gain an understanding of the many possible solutions for traffic problems.

By signing this petition, you are simply supporting the TPRA to commence the process of developing a traffic plan. You are not supporting any specific measure. You will have a chance to have input to and comment on any of the measures put forward by Traffic Planning and other residents.

I hope you will fill and sign the petition below. 


Ward Regards,


Scott Stevens
President, TPRA

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