Encouraging a Sense of Connection and Inclusion in our Neighbourhood

Be Part of Your Community

The Teddington Park Residence Association (TPRA) is committed to:

  • Increasing our membership to ensure that it is representative of the residents of our area

  • Ensuring that our board of directors is representative of the residents

  • Being a venue for hearing and responding to the priorities and concerns of the residents

  • Providing a means for creating new connections, and reinforcing existing ones, in our community

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Action Alert!!!
The TPRA intends to join forces with the other residents’ associations that are opposed to the proposal. We will host a TPRA wide virtual meeting on this topic and about high- rise development on Yonge Street north of Lawrence generally. Be on the lookout for our street signs for dates of virtual meetings and milestone dates of high-rise development proposals.   

  • Review our Letter of Opposition

  • Send letters to our local councillors using our form letter provided.

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